Basel & Energy Hexes


[edit] The Tower of Basel

Resonance of Fate is set in the giant tower of Basel, constructed by mankind in ages past as both refuge against the harsh environment and the means to restore it. Story and side missions will have main characters Vashyron, Zephyr, and Leanne exploring the tower and its multiple levels, many with their own settlements and/or dungeons to visit.

[edit] Chandelier

The nickname for the top three levels of the tower of Basel. Chandelier is the residence of the Cardinals, the rulers of Basel who oversee the tower's different functions, religious services, as well as its armed forces. While only the elite can hope to occupy Chandelier, it is not closed off to public; in fact, players will visit the uppermost levels many times in their journeys to undertake missions and advance the story.

At the uppermost level of Chandelier (and thus the tower itself) is the Basilica, base of the former Prelate and her closest Cardinal confidants, as well as the massive clockwork mainframe Zenith. The Basilica is considered important by most well-to-do residents of Basel for both religious and governing functions.

[edit] The 4th Level

As residents of Ebel City, our heroes call the fourth highest level of Basel home. It is in fact the highest level of Basel most citizens can hope to actually reside in, as the privileged community of Chandelier encompasses the third level and above. The Arena is another key landmark on this level, not least because players will want to overcome its challenges to earn the currency needed for some of the exclusive prizes including new weapons!

The Hughes Power Plant regulates and supplies the electricity the fourth level needs to run.

[edit] The 7th Level

Here the player will find another major settlement, Cranktown. Because it is lower down Basel, Cranktown is considered a less attractive place to live than Ebel City, though it shares many of the fourth level city's services. Other landmarks include the bar Le Chat Noire, and the ruined Crank Seminary, where an important event between two main characters took place in the past.

The seventh level is also home to the Silver Canyon, an arctic tundra that technically serves as Basel's "refrigerator" where anything from wine to cold medicine is stored. Unfortunately, it doubles as a dungeon filled with hostile presences both human and nonhuman.

[edit] Energy Hexes

Described in game by NPCs as the means through which humanity can control its destiny with the grace of God, energy hexes are special items players require in order to gradually open up the world map. Players essentially "activate" closed off hexagon-shaped panels with the Energy Hexes, in order to travel across Basel. Each individual energy hex item is in fact a set of four hexagons arranged in predefined patterns that are overlaid on maps and "used" to "activate" the area.

Because Energy Hexes are consumable when used on the map, players must earn more either through battle as prizes or in treasure boxes found in dungeons.

[edit] Terminals

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