Chapter 1

The Weight of a Life

When the cutscene concludes, you'll again be standing outside your home base. A new story mission then becomes available.


[edit] Story Mission

[edit] The Garden Party

Reward N/A
Location Theresa (Level 3 - Theresa's Manor)
Objective "Would you care to join me for tea sometime? Any time will be fine if it's during the day. I will be waiting at my manor in Chandelier."

Simply travel to Theresa's Manor in Chandelier and watch a cutscene.

If you go back to the Guild Hall in Ebel now there are two new side missions waiting for you before you continue with the story mission. You may choose to go activate them.
(For those who wish to hasten their progress, go to the Guild Hall bulletin board and activate the two side missions prior to visiting Cardinal Theresa)

[edit] Side Missions

[edit] Power Station Checkup

Reward 5 Hunter Points, 1000 Rubies, Sonic Chug(5)
Location Familiar Staffer (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "The output from the Hughes Power Station has been faltering lately. I have to investigate it, but I need your help. I'll explain what needs to be done, so just come talk to me. The nice guy always in front of the Guild? That would be me."

Lay a path of energy hexes to the Hughes Power Station, located south of Ebel City. A brown colored hex prevents you from building. The energy hex required to clear that path is rewarded to you when you complete 'The Garden Party,' so if you have not already, complete the first mission prior to continuation.

[edit] An Act of Kindness

Reward 3 Hunter Points, 2000 Rubies, Metal-Coated Rounds(15)
Location Daniel (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "I want to pretty up the shop a little. It's kind of barren as it is. I'll be in front of the shop during the day. Come see me then. I have to tend the shop at night, so that won't do."

Go to the Ebel Shop during the day; Daniel will meet you out front. He asks you to collect dolls for him. Head to your home base. Inside Leanne's bedroom on the main floor you will find the Bongo the Clown item. Take the doll back to Daniel to claim your reward. Although you have officially finished this mission and received a reward, there are many dolls to collect. If you bring more dolls to Daniel outside his shop during the day, he has multiple items to award you with.

[edit] A Battlefield Revisited

Reward 25 Hunter Points, 20000 Rubies
Location Theresa (Level 3 - Theresa's Manor)
Objective "I'd like you to take that flower and place it on his grave in the town of Lucia on Level 6."

Follwing the cutscene triggered by The Garden Party, you'll have received the Rose item. Theresa's Guard will give you 4 Brown energy hexes and a very useful Station Hex. Take the Core Lift back to Level 4, where you can now use the brown hex to clear the path, thus finishing the mission Power Station Checkup. Take the elevator down to Level 6 and sequentially to the ruins of Lucia. Fight your way through and meet head to head with your first boss encounter. Tar Man seems tough but your first step should be to use a Hero Attack jump to quickly shoot the two Drum Carriers. Doing this will very quickly eliminate Tar Man's minions. Following this, you can set yourself for a long Tri-Attack and take out half the Bosses HP Gauge. Continue as you wish to break all of his body part gauges and destroy the enemy. After defeating Tar Man, continue to the next area. A cutscene will commence and afterward you may collect the items, signified by little sparkles, in this area. Now you will backtrack through Lucia, keeping in mind that enemies respawn, excluding the boss. Usually the respawned enemies aren't as plentiful as before. Make your way back to Level 4 and go to your home base to advance to the next chapter.

[edit] Continue to Chapter 2

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