The story line of Resonance of Fate revolves around the lives of three individuals: the valiant but cocky Vashyron, the temperamental but caring Zephyr and the agnostic but amicable Leanne. You would normally be able to control all three at the same time during battles (with the exception of a few chapters); however, you will only be able to control one character at a time when exploring Cities and Towns.

Along the way, the unlikely trio would meet other equally unlikely characters, from the eccentric and energetic Cardinal Pater to the voluptuous and vulturous Barbarella. These characters would either move the plot forward by revealing scenes in the intertwined past of the three characters or by handing out missions that reveals facets of the protagonists' personalities.

[edit] Cardinals

Cardinals in the world of Resonance of Fate are mostly inhabitants of the uppermost level of Basel, Chandelier. Here they own estates called Manors that display their piety, wealth, eccentricity, or any combination of the three. It is from these Manors that they would often call upon the services of Vashyron to perform missions, which ranges from fetching a bottle of wine from the lower levels of Basel to honoring the dead by leaving them flowers.

Citizens of the lower levels of Basel tend to view the Cardinals with a mixed feeling of adoration and despising criticism. Being at the peak of all aspects of human life in Basel (wealth, fashion, religion, power, etc.), the Cardinals are looked up to by most, and idolized by some. However, because of the elitist nature of their state of living, some despise them, criticizing the comfort with which they live while the rest of the citizens of Basel live in relative poverty (this is especially true to those from the lower levels).

The following lists the various Cardinals Vashyron and company will meet in-game:

  • Rowen
  • Antourion
    Jean-Paulet (left), one of the many Cardinals in Basel
  • Garigliano - Basel's analogue of Pierre Cardin or Giorgio Armani with a little bit of Pablo Picasso, only with questionable tastes. His expertise lies in beauty, and has authored books on Basel fashion. Found in his Manor in Level 3 Chandelier, his missions often involve Leanne becoming either a guinea pig or a model (or a cross between the two). Voiced by Norio Wakamoto in the Japanese version and by Dave B. Mitchell in the International version.
  • Theresa
  • Jean-Paulet
  • Lagerfield
  • Pater - Basel's resident uncanny intellectual, he is one of the first Cardinals the trio will encounter in the game (barring the flashbacks). He initially is looking for his star, which, according to legend, will grant him prosperity and long life. He is one of Zephyr's "friends", and has taken a liking to Leanne, much to everyone chagrin. Voiced by Noboyuki Hiyama in the Japanese version and by Jason Marsden in the International version.
  • Barbarella

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