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Q: How do I activate Terminals that were unlocked with colorless energy hexes?

A: Terminals unlocked on the map using standard, colorless EHs must be linked to a Station Hex of the same color as the EHs you intend to use with the Terminal in question. This is because colored EHs cannot normally be used on the map unless they placed are adjacent to either existing colored map hexes or Station Hexes previously erected on the map. You can readily acquire Station Hexes of a particular color by trading in a set number of EHs (of the same color) at any hunter's guild in Basel.

Q: Can I earn Bezel shards needed to boost my Hero Gauge outside of story mission boss battles?

A: Yes. Some Bezel shards can be found on the world map itself when you activate the hex they are on with EHs. Still others can be earned by beating the certain enemy encounters which appear on the map as red combat zones. Because the combat zones disappear once you win the encounter, you can only the Bezel shard once from each of these, but more zones will appear as you progress through the story. Unlike side missions, these don't disappear if you don't choose to beat them during the chapter they are first unlocked. Keep an eye out for them all, but be warned; many of these encounters often pit you against foes more challenging than the variety you would normally face in the area!

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