The World of Resonance of Fate

[edit] The Tower of Basel

The world as seen in Resonance of Fate / End of Eternity was ravaged by pollution of catastrophic proportions, killing a majority of the human population. The Earth itself would eventually be tilted off axis, severely affecting the flow of time. Remnants of mankind constructed a massive, sky-reaching tower known only as "Basel". This tower served as both the last haven for the known population of the world, as well as the means through which mankind will restore the land by combating the widespread pollution.

In the distant future, mankind continues to dwell within Basel from top to bottom, living their lives in communes spreading throughout the tower's multiple levels. The upper class (known as Cardinals) occupy the highest levels of Basel far above the clouds, while the remainder of Basel's population mingle in the lower levels. Travel between levels is made possible through elevators scattered throughout Basel.

Basel continues to be the pillar of support for humanity in every sense, but life is hardly peaceful within the vast tower; outcasts, rogues, derelict machines, monsters and worse threaten the daily lives of Basel's residents.

Thus the upper class of humanity, known as the Cardinals, call upon the services of Hunters to deal with the growing menaces which plague Basel and its people. Hunters are drawn from all walks of life, and the three main characters of Resonance of Fate count themselves among them.

[edit] Ebel City

Located on the fourth highest level of Basel, Ebel City is one of the tower's largest communities of people. Multiple businesses operated in Ebel City, and a hunter's guild is also present providing assignments from citizens which hunters can undertake for rewards. More importantly, Ebel City is also where player characters Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne live.

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