Zephyr is the youngest member of Vashyron's squad of Hunters,
Zephyr (right) about to save Leanne (not shown) as seen in the game's prologue cinematic
being only seventeen years old. Often temperamental and not against throwing tantrums, his oftentimes childish outlet of anger irritate or disturb the other members of the squad, with Leanne sometimes serving as damage control. He does truly care for Leanne however, and has shown his concern for her quite a number of times throughout the game, probably stemming from the fact that he did rescue her when she tried to take her own life.

Brought up in the now notorious Crank Seminary, he now lives with the rest of the troop in the Sweet Home Base in Ebel City. A dark secret hides behind his boyish good looks however, something that has to do with Vashyron and the society of Basel itself.

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